The Xanadu Entertainment 2021 GAME PLAN

• Melinda has joined the staff of the talent management group, 1015 MANAGEMENT as the head of the Agency representation and the exclusive on camera teacher for all the talent. So far, Melinda has facilitated seven of her students acquire SF representation in a franchised agency and recently, one signed on the spot with Peter Kallinteris Agency in LA.

• Launching in early June, Cynthia will showcase 40 new pieces of whimsical oil paintings online. All proceeds will benefit the UCSF Cancer Center.
Launching in early June, Cynthia will showcase 40 new pieces of whimsical oil paintings on line. All proceeds will benefit the UCSF cancer center.

• Now a global independent talent/model scout working closely with various agencies in the Bay Area and Los Angeles markets, Melinda has joined the faculty of the prestigious school, Performing Arts Academy of Marin. Starting 2021, she will be teaching 2 day, on camera intensive acting classes for tweens and teens. Located conveniently off 101 in Mill Valley, PAAM has 6 beautiful studios with a black box theater.

• Melinda and Cynthia have been hired by the prestigious San Francisco Dance Film Festival to curate and produce a new family and friends film festival. The children’s festival will become a component of the 10 year old existing festival with dance-based animated and live-action films screening in both November 2019 and March 2020.

• Cynthia’s latest children’s short, Polka Dott, has been screened in 45 international festivals.

• Cynthia has completed her 30-minute tween film Pixie & Dust. She had screenings at 3210 Kerner, The Lark Theater and The Balboa in San Francisco for cast and crew, industry people and potential distributors.

• Melinda directed and choreographed three new short films: The Secret Woman, The Kid and the Hitman, and Night Shift.

• For seven years Melinda and Cynthia have taught for the California Film Institute in their SUMMERFILM series. The filmmaking classes called “Cinemaniacs” included creating short films from start to finish with the teens.

• Melinda and Cynthia have actively been pitching to NETFLIX, Sesame Street and Nickelodeon in response to their RFP’s for new children’s content for all their platforms.

• We have signed deals with FACETS kids, ZERB tv and AmebaTV, online children’s film libraries which are screened on over 75 international platforms. They have all acquired all of Xanadu's children's films.

• With 20 years experience of scouting models and talent for STARS Agency, Melinda is now an independent global model/talent scout.

• Melinda continues to teach sold out, on-camera tween/teen classes for the San Francisco Acting Academy as well as coach young talent for film and tv auditions and callbacks.

• Melinda is teaching on-camera acting and Cynthia is teaching contemporary dance to the tweens/teens at the African American Cultural Center in SF.

• Starting in Spring 2019, Cynthia will join the staff of Young Imaginations, an arts presenting organization based in Marin County.

Melinda's latest 2016 film project, The Secret Woman, stars gifted Silicon Valley Ballet principal dancer, Alexsandra Meijer and her fellow company dancer, Ryan Seiteach McMahon.

"Charles Dickens led a prolific and full life, but he had a secret….
her name was Ellen Lawless Ternan."

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official selection classical arts film festival 2018 International Independent Film Awards - The Secret Woman Directed by Melinda Darlington-Bach - Cinematography - Diamond Winner 2018

A mysterious meeting in a darkened movie theater reveals unexpected results.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - BENICIA Film Festival - 2017film festivalfilm festivalfilm festivalfilm festivalfilm festivalfilm festivalfilm festivalfilm festivalOfficial Selection Golden State Film Festival 2018

Night Shift

Night Shift

Kavi’s first job in a oddly quiet movie theater proves to be a lot more than he bargained for.

Dott has a wild and wonderful imagination. She likes to be silly and she enjoys a good homonym. She can "knot" say "know" to ice cream. Sometimes she imagines being a very spoiled princess. Occasionally she plays the flute with a hummingbird. Every so often she floats like a mermaid up into a tree. Then Dott gets another idea: How about a polka party? Dott and all her friends gather to dance the afternoon away!

Pixie and Dust

Pixie & Dust is a quirky adventure filled feature film written and directed by Cynthia Pepper. We follow two teenagers through five colorful zones as they look for a mysterious treasure. The two friends guided by Dust's Aunt Joan combat a T-Rex dinosaur, a whale, snails, horses, color poems, garbage cans and each other. The day unfolds with ups and downs, ins and outs, through thick and thin and all that occurs in between.

I loved the magical animation, imaginative rush and swirl of color in Cynthia Pepper’s new film Pixie & Dust. There were many enchanting moments for me which were filled with wonderful, occasionally hilarious, creative imagery that all flowed from her brain.

~ David Chase | Professional Dancer/Arts Educator

Pixie & Dust draws the audience into the fantastic imaginings of a child’s inner self. With bold mixed media and leaping poetry, Cynthia Pepper exposes herself as an artist more than a traditional filmmaker. She has crafted a piece as quirky and absurd as it is adorable. Kudos for her creative audacity. She has dared to infuse her avant-garde sensibilities into the youth genre short film without compromising its charm.

~ Jodie NewDelman, PhD.

Pixie & Dust is a beautiful work of creativity. Cynthia’s 30-minute film is an important lesson to artists of all ages that creating can be both dynamic and unconventional and even silly crazy fun. Pixie & Dust inspires its viewers to appreciate the weird ways in which our brains work. Watching this film is a tactile experience. I literally recommend it to all living beings!

~ Remi Zimmerman | Diversity & Inclusion Associate – Mark Day School

Pixie & Dust is a colorful, sprightly, kaleidoscopic adventure into creativity. It fulfills a unique vision, with friendship and imagination, dance and dinosaurs, plus a generous sprinkling of magic.

~ Elaine Miller Bond | Author/Photographer of Running Wild, Living Wild, and Wild Colors

Pixie & Dust is a colorful, musical storybook for children and magical mystery tour for adults.

~ Howard Rachelson | Marin’s Master of Trivia