Interview with James Redford,
Screenwriter, Documentarian


Shooting Andian music video,
directed by James Redford

James Redford   On camera class at S.F Acting Academy


by Melinda Darlington-Bach

Having spent an unusually balmy afternoon with the gregarious and laid-back documentarian/screenwriter, Jamie Redford, I gained some deep insight into this true humanitarian and loyal family man. With boyish good looks and a great sense of humor, Jamie discussed the establishment of "The James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness" which is dedicated to educating the public on the acute need for organ donation. As a talented storyteller, he has worked as a screenwriter and director for twenty years. Jamie wrote one of the highest rated mystery programs on PBS entitled: "Skinwalkers". He has also produced award-winning documentaries for HBO and other production companies.

MDB: Why do you choose to live in Marin and not Los Angeles.?

JR: When I was in college I spent two summers in Los Angeles as a script reader. I found myself getting easily agitated. Intuitively, the environment needs to be supportive to my creative process. I found it so difficult to be creative there.

MDB: What is your best feature or quality?

JR: Ooh...I think I have a genuine good will towards people.

MDB: What is the last film you saw?

JR: "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest." Of the three films in the trilogy, my absolute favorite was the first film, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". I think it was phenomenal.

MDB: Do you have a hidden talent?

JR: It is not as hidden as it used to be, but I am a passionate guitarist. In fact there is always a guitar within 10 feet of me.

MDB: Where is your favorite place to dine out in Marin?

JR: I love Drakes Beach Café on Drakes Beach. It is a former ranger station. I have had extraordinary lamb there and YOU bring our own wine.

MDB: What is something you do when no one is looking?

JR: (After much deep thought) I am going to resist...and pass. (lots of laughter follows with even more laughter after that!)

MDB: Do you have a favorite word or sound?

JR: When I talk to myself I like to sound like Bugs Bunny. Actually, when I think of it that is something I do by myself. (Too late, you already resisted and passed!)

MDB: What is your legacy?

JR: Well, I think I have made a permanent contribution to the awareness of organ donation in America with the James Redford Institute of Transplant Awareness.

MDB: What are you currently reading?

JR: I am reading the book FAME: The Psychology of Stardom by Glenn Wilson and Andrew Evans.

MDB: What has been your lowest moment?

JR: I can think of two, waiting for my second liver transplant and the five minutes I lost my son in a shopping mall.

MDB: What are you currently working on?

JR: An HBO documentary called MANN v. FORD If anyone thinks the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is protecting our well being, well this movie will make everyone who watches it think again.

MDB: What 3 people living or dead would you like to have dinner with?

JR: 1. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu - The Hispanic director of "Biutiful". "I think he is one of the most talented filmmakers alive today." 2. Wallace Stegner often called "the Dean of Western Writers" Pulitzer Prize winning author and environmental historian. 3. Benjamin Franklin "for sure".

And finally...

MDB: What is your secret weapon?

JR (without hesitation): My wife.

Jamie lives happily in Fairfax with his wife Kyle and two children Dylan and Lena.

Interview with Chris Hardman
of Antenna Theater and
"The Magic Bus"

Written by Melinda Darlington-Bach

Magic Bus

For more info, visit: www.magicbussf.com

Winding down along the crashing waves of Fort Cronkhite, I am on my way to the offices to meet with the highly inventive and trail blazer of experiential, site-specific performances, Chris Hardman. Modest and engaging, Chris is the Artistic Director and founder of the ANTENNA THEATER, an innovative company producing performances that include interactive installations, cutting edge audio technology and portable audio players. Ahead of his time, Chris has transformed the current audio tours for museums worldwide and historic installations with his "Walkmanology". Currently used on the immensely popular Alcatraz exhibition in San Francisco, it is the most visited non-broadcast audio tour in the world.

Chris answered the questions with a lot of humor and a twinkle in his soft eyes.

MDB: Why do you choose to live in Marin instead of Los Angeles?
CH: Oh, that is an easy one. I grew up in L.A. where people write about adventures and but here in San Francisco- this is where adventures actually happen.

MDB: What is the best advice you were ever given.
CH: I remember my father saying: Don't lend people money, just give it to them straight out!

MDB: What is your best quality?
CH: Insanity

MDB: What was your biggest extravagance?
CH: (Laughter) I have none! My art is my only extravagance.

MDB: Do you dream and create in your sleep?
CH: I ask myself a question and then 3 days later, the answer comes.

MDB: What is you current project for ANTENNA THEATER?
CH: Magic Bus
MDB: Tell us about it.
CH: This might a great example of my insanity. I wanted to do a 60's themed show on a bus with 16 projectors, motorized screens, rock and roll music and visit famous Sam Francisco neighborhoods. We made a gigantic production commitment, bought a bus, bought these new fangled projectors with no clue whether it or they would actually work- but so far it is doing really great and has been well-received.

MDB: What was the last film you saw?
CH: The Black Swan (grumble.) I wanted the character to grow, but it took way too long.

MDB: Where is your favorite place to dine in Marin?
CH: Fish in Sausalito.
MDB: What do you order?
CH: Fish! (more laughter)

MDB: What is your legacy?

MDB: What is your current read?
CH: Millenium. I do not know yet if I really like it. At least the subject is intriguing.

MDB: How has your work changed and evolved since your 1982 show, "Vacuum?"
CH: Antenna has a very precise trajectory. It is more like filling in opportunities as they present themselves.

MDB: What is your best feature?
CH work.

MDB: What is your worst feature?
CH: work.

MDB: What is your favorite sound?
CH: Living out here in the headlands, I love speaking with the owls.

MDB: What is your secret weapon?

CH: Work.

Chris works tirelessly 7 days a week at something he has created and loves deeply. He lives with his supportive, lovely wife of 31 years who wanted to share this with us.


To purchase tickets and take a magical trip on the "Magic Bus": www.magicbussf.com or call 800.838.3006