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SF Acting Academy Class
Commercial On-Camera Class
San Francisco Acting Academy

On-Camera Classes

"Thank you so much Melinda for introducing AJ to the entertainment industry! You have taught AJ everything that he needs to know about the audtion process and what is expected of him. You have also taught us what to expect as the parents of a young actor. Your on camera classes have given AJ the edge that he needs when going into auditions. AJ continues to get callbacks, check avails and bookings thanks to the great skills that you both have taught him!"

~ Tiffany P. and AJ, represented by STARS

"My son attended an on-camera workshop this year with Melinda and absolutely loved it. It is a rare thing to have a person who is so committed and professional but who also genuinely care about the kids they work with. He felt comfortable and respected and this allowed him to be at ease in front of the camera."

~ Alex S. and Griffin, represented by STARS

"My daughter, Destiny, was so enriched by studying with Melinda in her on-camera class. It gave her so much confidence to speak in front of a room and audition at a high level. It has led to Destiny being cast in a short film project directed by James Redford!"

~ Stacey C, Destiny represented by Models Inc.

"The on camera classes gave Paige the confidence to really believe that I can pursue a career in acting."

~ Donna B. and Paige represented by STARS

"Melinda and Kristy's on-camera class is a practical, hands-on, fun experience for students. My son came way with improved technique, attitude and a trusting confidence that resonates in his current work."

~ Howard R. and Matthew represented by Marla Dell





















Young Actors Theatre Group

This Saturday, 5/30 in San Francisco
"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ShowBiz
Taught by TWO Fabulous INDUSTRY Know-it-Alls!"

Join us TOMORROW, 5/30 at The Cartwright Hotel in San Francisco from 10am - 4pm for an EXCITING Weekend Workshop with Melinda Darlington-Bach & Cynthia Pepper (Producers, Casting Directors, and Talent Scouts for some of San Francisco's BIGGEST Talent Agencies) Tuition: $119

Join us for an unforgettable workshop where you will learn all about the Ins and Outs of Show Business from two of San Francisco's biggest and best talent scouts. These ladies know what they're looking for and can teach you all the trade secrets to defining your skills and honing your crafts as a professional young actor.

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Julie Nation Academy

Melinda and Cynthia at the Julie Nation Modeling Academy
(Melinda and Cynthia on a talent/model scouting day)

Melinda and Cynthia have joined the prestigious Julie Nation Academy as guest faculty of the Santa Rosa well-established modeling and acting school. With 40 years of experience, Julie Nation Academy has become Northern California's premiere resource for model and talent search, modeling and personal development. Melinda and Cynthia will be teaching an intensive course in the Advanced Gold Level series of on-camera and acting classes. As part of the class, they will rehearse and shoot a short film, right from the initial casting process to the final copy of the DVD for each student. Click here for curriculum.