The Time Travels of KitKat Jones

Melinda and Cynthia’s new children’s 12-part series now in development.

"TIME TRAVELS OF KITKAT JONES™" is a LIVE Action and animated series showcasing the delightful and informative journeys through time travel led by KitKat Jones.

Each time travel episode is narrated by the highly charismatic, but normal tween, KitKat Jones. Throughout the 12-part series, historical content aimed at the 6–11 year old market is presented in an entertaining way, based on a branded formula. Not wanting to talk down to the audience, each episode is actually a clever delivery system to boys and girls, highlighting diverse historical characters, creating the intersection between entertainment and education. KitKat highlights and deals with socially relevant tween/teen problems by using a vast array of significant historical figures to solve her everyday challenges What sets this series apart from the mainstream, is each section portrays an historical character as a teen, not as a full grown adult. The films are engaging and dialogue driven, including a smart phone component, moving the exposition forward in a contemporary way.

Time Travels of KitKat Jones